lunes, 10 de junio de 2013

Boyacá Chicó 2 vs Nacional 3 - Liga Postobon - Fecha 16 - 18 de Mayo de ...


The Boyaca Chico shield was created in Bogotá, with a tribute to Chico Museum. On the inside is the gateway located on Seventh Race, which is a castle, and a soccer ball. Outside is checkered with blue and orange colors. In the top frame houses the name B. Chico as a direct reference to the name of the club, since formerly said Chico FC only. On the frame is placed a star, which cites the title obtained by the Boyaca Chico in the Apertura 2008.


After removal in Copa Libertadores, the team focused on the local tournament, reaching the final of the Apertura facing America of Cali. The first leg, played on July 2 at the Estadio Olimpico Pascual Guerrero finished 1-1 with a controversial arbitration Wilmar Roldán.
The return, played at Independence Stadium in Tunja, finished tied 1-1 in regulation time. In the penalty shootout, the checkered won the title by beating Reds 4-2 losDiablos, thus the first title in the First Category A for the set boyacense, Argentine Miguel Caneo established himself as the great figure of the team, being the scorer of the tournament with 13 points. and their classification to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2009.


The current Boyaca Chico was formerly known as Chico FC, ​​since their history began in 2002 with the name of Chico Football Club, in honor of the Chico neighborhood in the town of Chico, Bogota. The city is natural Eduardo Pimentel, owner. He began to participate in the tournament of the First C and won the title and promotion, at that time, even gave the Primera B.
In 2001 played a good season, reaching the final round and fight until the last moment for promotion to first division, but ultimately was surpassed by the Deportes Quindio, in that year became known nationally as the third team Bogotá, as the more traditional of the city are Santa Fe and Millonarios. He played at the Estadio Olaya Herrera, in the town of Rafael Uribe Uribe.
In 2002, the team was reconstituted from a different company name and officially founded on March 26 under the name Club Deportivo Chico Bogota Football Club. In the tournament starred rise again, reaching the semi-finals where they were eliminated by the champion Centaurs Villavicencio.